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Makeup Consultant in Delhi,Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi

We are one of the Leading Makeup Consultant in Delhi

Makeup Consultant In Delhi,Freelance Makeup Artist In Delhi. Not everyone knows the art of makeup and not every product available out there is meant for you. Makeup is an art that needs dedication and extreme knowledge to pursue. 
Makeup Consultant is a service offered by Gunjan to her client where she discuss about the effects and side effects of the products that are creating hypes over the advertising world but are not actually as good as they portray to be. Gunjan will personally consult you by observing your skin type and texture, that what products will suit you and what kind of makeup you should wear to look good.
Different occasions need different attention and that's where the use of consultancy lies. Gunjan will take some personal sessions with you to let you understand the basics of makeup and what should be done to carry yourself gracefully.