Bio Gunjan Mongia

” Gunjan mongia is one women glamour machine bringing indian & international beauty trends to her clients first hand. Her subtle contouring & sympthous pallette is worth-a-fetish!!! “

Gunjan mongia is a delhi based makeup artiste, in the industry since 6 years. Not only she is in high demand, also has an array of loyal clientele. After enrolling at pearl academy of fashion, Gunjan learnt top notch skills from industry experts & graduated on top of her class. Since then she has worked with many celebrities, photographers, designers & created show stopper brides.


Gunjan’s Style

I completly believe that their are no rules when it comes to beauty. I’ve seen my mother-she always took her favorite lipstick shade at the time & used it all over to create an entire makeup look. I’ve grown up watching her put a swipe on her both cheeks, both eyelids & blending into it instantly looked like she got a makeover.

Gunjan’s Vanity

Gunjan is a fashion and luxury loving person. That is exectly what she also provides to her clients. Her variaty has the most luxrious brand and a star-lit perfected makeup pallete that can suit the needs of any person. Thats a mark of a real Pro makeup artist. The best part of booking a bridal makeup with gunjan.

Gunjan’s Goal

Gunjan’s dreams are known to the industry for her feminine, but subtle & glam style. Gunjan’s dream is that her name will be well known for a certain makeup syle. Being the most sought after ( for her incredible makeup ) makeup artist is her ultimate goal. In & an influencing makeup artist who can prove..